where is bloom fest?

BLOOM Festival is located on the downtown levee grounds across from the Raising Cane's River Center in Baton Rouge, LA. 

does bloom fest have an age requirement?

No, everyone of all ages is welcomed to our garden of festivities.  

is there an outside item(s) restriction?

ALLOWED:                                                                                                                  NOT ALLOWED:

- Small bags and backpacks (17" x 12" x 10" or smaller)                                      - Hard-sided coolers (soft of rolling) larger than 12-pack size

- 12-pack or smaller soft coolers                                                                             - Outside beverages (except factory-sealed water for        

- Factory-sealed water for personal consumption                                                    personal consumption  

- Collapsible chairs                                                                                                    - Wagons, pull-carts or rolling bags, packs, etc. 

- Wheelchairs and medical scooters                                                                        - Pets or glass 

- Push strollers for children                                                                                       - Metal poles 

- Handheld umbrellas                                                                                                 - Personal tents, shade canopies, shelters/shacks, etc. 

- Blankets and ground tarps (6" x 8" or less) leaving enough                                - Beach or pole-style umbrellas bigger than 63" 

  space around perimeter for safe foot passage                                                    - Drones or inflatable items

                                                                                                                                     - Athletic games, frisbees, kites, etc.

                                                                   - Bicycles 

- Large chairs with rocker, footrests, side tables, etc.

- Skateboards, Segways, hover-boards, mopeds, etc. 

- Inserting stakes, poles, or other objects into the ground, or                      

  use of any rope, cords, tape, etc. to reserve space

- Unauthorized vending or solicitation

- Weapons, illicit drugs, and other contraband

does bloom issue refunds on tickets or merchandise?

No, all sales on tickets and merchandise are final. However, we can exchange a purchased BLOOM Festival shirt for a different size with proof that shirt was paid for. 

what forms of payment are accepted at bloom fest?

All festival vendors have the option to choose their own payment methods. We recommend carrying card and cash. The festival grounds will not have ATMs. 

how can I perform at bloom fest?

how can i become a vendor for bloom fest?

Vendors are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. To be a vendor, complete the vendor agreement form and email it to info@bloomfest.com. Vendor agreement forms will not be taken into consideration until PayPal payments are made. Delay of PayPal payments may result in losing vendor spot.    

how can i become a bloom fest volunteer?